Conservation & Green Living

With so many issues today that concern the environment – global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, whether to grant oil-drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico, and the erosion of the land from clear-cutting, Bedico Creek Preserve could not have picked a more timely way to contribute to the environment…in its own way.

At Bedico Creek, Developer David Waltemath decided when he took over the community to move away from the development of a golf course community and to move forward with a Conservation Community.

According to the Urban Land Institute (ULI), a Conservation Community is designed for those home buyers that are interested in “communing with nature.”  Now, don’t let that worry you; this is not a “tree-hugging community,” however, the future development of Bedico Creek is designed to work around its natural environment, not structure a residential community into an existing green-scape plan.  Our community will be designed among the organic flow of the land which means more green space, parks, natural waterways, and a few man-made Amenities that complement the natural environment.

Conservation Communities benefit the homeowner by clustering the developed part of the community together. There is a real neighborhood feel and community interaction in the housing areas because the homes are tucked privately away in their individual Neighborhoods.

Another proven benefit of this type of community is that because the land is being used as “green space,” it cannot be developed.  Statistics have shown that this has led to a rise in home appreciation rates, which in this market, is a huge incentive for someone looking to invest long-term in real estate.

The local community and government also benefits from a Conservation  because it causes less storm water runoff from the lack of clear cutting.  A Conservation Community naturally preserves the land while creating a wildlife habitat and refuge.  Also, because of the lack of widespread development, as well as digging up ground for streets, pipes, and utility lines; the water quality in a Conservation Community has proven to be better than other subdivisions.

So, if you’re “into nature,” enjoy living in a close-knit community where you can really get to know your neighbors, and enjoy seeing some of nature’s furry friends as you drive through the community, Bedico Creek Preserve is your destination for Buying a Home.

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