Frequently Asked Questions About Building a Custom Home

1.  What is the first step of the custom home building process?

The first thing you need to do is to visit Bedico Creek Preserve and take a tour of our many Neighborhoods to decide in which area of our community you would like to live.  The second step of the process is choosing your lot.  At Bedico Creek, we have many different Lots from which to choose.  If you are looking for less maintenance, you may prefer an Interior Lot.  If you would like to have exquisite views of your own private nature habitat, you may want to choose a Preserve Lot.  If you want to live on the water, Bedico Creek offers Park/Lake and Pond Lots.  Once you have chosen your Neighborhood and then chosen your Lot, then you need to get in touch with a Builder and start on your new home floorplan.

2.  Do I need a complete home plan to get started?

When building a custom home, it is a good idea to have an idea about the home you plan to build in mind before you approach a builder, however, if you do not have any definite idea of the size, price, features, or “luxuries” that you would like to put in your custom home, our Builders or Architects & Designers can definitely give you enough samples and choices to help you start the custom home planning/designing process.

3.  Will you build my plan or do I have to build one of the approved plans for Bedico Creek?

All plans go through the simple process of submission and approval by the Architectural Control Committee (ARC) at Bedico Creek.  If the designer of your floorplan is not on the list, they can just submit a request to become an approved Architect or Designer by the ARC, and then they can easily design your new home. The ARC reserves the right to accept or reject any designer or plan. If you are not using a designer, you can contact one of our Architects or Designers to have them look at your plans to make them architecturally approved to be built at Bedico Creek Preserve.

4.  If I select one of your builders’ plans, can I make some changes?

When building a custom home, you can make any changes (within allowable building specs) to any floorplan you may choose to build.  Some buyers like to have a selection of floor plans from which to start customizing their new home.  Our Builders can show you example of other floorplans that they have built to help you begin the custom home design process.

5.  Will a builder help me pick out a lot to match a plan that I already have?

Most Builders have an idea how a floor plan will fit on a “footprint” of a lot or homesite.  So, when designing and building a custom home, make sure you inform your Builder that you will need assistance in lot selection as part of your custom home design process.  The Builders at Bedico Creek Preserve are familiar with the Neighborhoods within the community and will be able to help you select the perfect lot in the perfect location within our Conservation Community.

6.  Do I have to use a builder already in Bedico Creek, or can I provide my own builder?

At Bedico Creek, we are very interested in maintaining the integrity of our community by building and completing quality homes in a timely manner.  You can provide your own builder, but all plans by the builder you provide must be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ARC).

7.  Do I have a choice in building materials?

You will definitely have a choice of building materials when designing a completely custom home.  All of the Builders at Bedico Creek have built exceptionally designed and constructed custom homes, and after spending time interviewing you about your  new home, they will be able to make recommendations about which types of building materials will best fit your style and budget.

8.  What kinds of “luxuries do your Builders offer in a custom home?

For Builders at Bedico Creek Preserve, “the sky’s the limit” when it comes to custom home feature selections.  From wine cellars, to keeping rooms, to custom closets, to a two-person modern steam shower in the master bath, you can pick and choose any luxury that fits your taste and financial expense account.  Because Our Builders have extensive experience in building fully custom homes, they will also be able to give you new ideas and advice on features to add to your floorplan.

9.  How long will it take to build a house?

In order to get an accurate timeline of how long it will take to build your new home at Bedico Creek, you will want to thoroughly go over those details with your Builder.  Depending on the size and scope of your custom home, the timeline for building a new home can start around 6 months and go up from there.  Talk to your Builder extensively to understand when you can expect your custom home to be finished.

10.  Do I have to start building right away?

As the Developer of our community, we look at Bedico Creek Preserve as a solid real estate investment, and we want our homeowners and lot owners to feel the same way.  So, if you are not ready to take on the challenge of building on your lot that you purchase in Bedico Creek immediately, we understand this and do not require that you start building a new home right away.  We hope that you look at any kind of purchase within our community as an investment opportunity that can be “cashed in” at any time.

11.  How much will it cost to build a home?

As a new home buyer, you will want to factor in the cost of the design of your floorplan, the amount that will be charged to you by your Builder as well as the cost of your homesite at Bedico Creek.  This pricing can vary because of your Neighborhood choice, your Builder choice, and the cost of designing your floor plan.

In order to understand more about the custom home building process, Contact Bedico Creek Preserve today to speak to a sales representative about lot location and pricing, floorplan design, and building a new, custom home at this new community in Madisonville, Louisiana. Call 985-845-4200 or E-mail Us at