September 8th Will Mark the First Day of Classes for St. Tammany Schools

St. Tammany parish students will get to have an extended summer due to the coronavirus.  School will start after Labor Day this year because of the surge in coronavirus cases. Unfortunately, this also means there will be fewer holiday breaks.

The 40,000 students starting back to St. Tammany schools will have a staggered schedule. A quarter of the students will attend each day for the first day of school. The students will be divided alphabetically and the first day will be from September 8th to September 11th. This will give the students an opportunity to become familiar with all of the requirements due to the coronavirus. Teachers will report August 31st and will have professional development through September 3rd.

September 14th all students will attend regular classes. Before entering the school, the students will be screened and have their temperature checked. All students third grade and above will be required to wear a mask.

Pre-K through 5th grade will attend classes every day while students in grades 6-12 will go to school two days a week and every other Friday. For the other days, they will work remotely.

With the delay, there are many changes to the 20-21 school calendar. Thanksgiving break will be three days instead of a week and Christmas break will be two and a half days less. There will be no Mardi-Gras break and spring break will only be three days this year.

Parents and teachers both have mixed emotions on the change, but most would rather be safe than sorry. “I’m not comfortable with him being in a classroom yet,” parent Sarah Schultz said. “The delay allows me to have another month to determine how we feel.”

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