Land Around Madisonville Elementary School Expands

A decision by the St. Tammany Parish School Board will expand the footprint of land owned and occupied by Madisonville Elementary School.  A recommendation by the St. Tammany Parish SChool Board’s Business Affairs and Administrative Committe has been accepted by the St. Tammany Parish SChool Board.  The Board is on the verge ofmadisonville-elementary-school buying almost 5 acres of land that surrounds Madisonville Elementary School.

The price of the purchase is $356,000 according to 2 appraisals of 3 separate tracts of land which front Louisiana 1077 and C.S. Owens.  For the purpose of the purchase, the district requires that 2 appraisals are taken per tract of land. The reason for this is that the land owners are then offered an average of the two prices.

Owners of the land were 1) Veronica Smith Fabre with 2.72 acres appraised at $278,000 and $290,000, 2) Curtis Spencer with 1.29 acres appraised at $48,000 and $39,000 and Kendal Daggs with a .78-acre tract appraised at $31,000 and $26,000.

Madisonville Elementary School’s School Board President Elizabeth Heintz felt that the school’s current campus was landlocked.  The opportunity to purchase more land for future development presented itself, and now steps have been taken to close the deal.  This will allow Madisonville Elementary School to continue progessing as one of St. Tammany Parish’s best schools in an already stellar school district.

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