Swimming Pool Rules & Guidelines


The purpose of the Bedico Creek Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations is to promote a
pleasant and safe pool atmosphere for all homeowners and their guests. It is the responsibility
of all Bedico Creek residents and lot owners to be familiar with and abide by these Rules and Regulations.
All residents are also responsible for familiarizing their guests with, and ensuring that
their guests abide by, these Rules and Regulations. A “resident” is defined as a person
that physically resides in a unit.

Each member should take “ownership” of the pool i.e. see that rules are obeyed.
This pool is here for the enjoyment of all residents, their family and their guests.
We should work together to ensure a safe and enjoyable pool and neighborhood.


Pool Open: May 10th, 2014 – September 2014
Pool Hours: 7 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Temporary Closure
The association has the authority to temporarily close the pool for health, safety or
mechanical repairs. Notification will be posted at the pool entrance and website in
advance or as soon as the information becomes available.

1. The Association is not responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of personal
property. The ultimate responsibility rests with the pool users who are
homeowners or tenants in Bedico Creek.

2. The pool facilities were designed and built for the primary use and recreation of
Bedico Creek residents, and their guests.

3. Only authorized persons are allowed in the pool area when the pool is closed. Any
unauthorized use will be treated as trespassing and violators may be subject to arrest
and prosecution and will lose pool privileges.

4.  Clean up – Please be mindful of clean-up after your private party and or daily use of the pool.
It is everyone’s responsibility to stop unruly and criminal behavior and damage to the pool property.
Do not put yourself at risk, call 911 and report the issue. Please
leave the pool area in an orderly condition and pick up and dispose of trash before
leaving. Neatly arrange chairs around pool deck, and close the umbrellas. Please
do not leave a mess for other residents to clean up before they can enjoy the pool.

1. All guests must be accompanied to the pool by an adult (18 years old or older)
of Bedico Creek. Family members or visitors not living in Bedico Creek are
considered guests. Residents ages 17 and under may not bring a guest to the
pool without an adult Bedico Creek Resident present during the duration of
the visit.
2. Each household is limited to four (4) guests.
3. The Board may limit the number of guests or request guests to leave the pool in
matters concerning safety or over-crowding. Pool and pool area occupancy is
limited to 50 people.

1. No one 13 years old or younger may enter the premises unless accompanied by
an adult. An adult is someone 18 years old or older. The adult must supervise
these children at all times and  the adult is accountable and liable for the child’s
2. Children not toilet trained must wear swim diapers. Disposable diapers are not
allowed in the pool at any time.

1. Private parties are allowed, however all homeowners have the right to access the pool
area during regular pool hours.
2.  Residents may reserve the pool and/or pavilion for private parties, with 7 days advanced notice.
3. To reserve the pool, contact the property manager at bchomeowners1@gmail.com.
4. Deposit of $100, will be needed at time of reservation and will be held until the area has been inspected to make sure all trash was removed from the premises.  Make check payable to Bedico Creek Preserve Owners Association


1. Deliberate property damage caused by a resident or his/her family or guest will be
charged to the registered pool member.
2. Rule violations should be reported to the Association Property Management at
Bedico Creek Sales office team at (985) 845-4200.
3. The Association is not responsible for personal property, which is lost,
damaged or stolen, while at the pool or any common areas surrounding the pool, you can contact bchomeowners1@gmail.com.
4. No barbecue grills are allowed in the pool area.
5. Pool users must be properly attired in swimwear.
6. Smoking is not allowed within the fenced in pool area
7. Loud, abusive, vulgar language or hand gestures are not permitted.
8. Personal music listening devices are allowed so long as headphones are used.
Other guests should not be able to hear your music.


1. No person with a communicable disease or condition shall use the pool when it
would pose a threat to public health.
2. No diving, jumping, somersaults, back dives, flips, cannonballs or similar
diving. No running or horseplay, excessive splashing, spitting or spouting water,
throwing other swimmers.
3. Air-inflated equipment limited to one-person capacity/use. No lounge floats or
large tubes allowed due to size. Games should not bother other swimmers. Only
soft-sponge types of pool toys are allowed. No footballs, basketballs, hard balls.
4. No animals (except service animals) are allowed in the pool area.
5. Glass containers and other breakable objects are NOT permitted anywhere in
the Pool Facility.
6. Safety equipment, such as life preserver ring or rescue hook, is to be used only
in the case of emergencies.
8. Evacuate pool facility during thunder or lightening.
9. Please avoid wearing bobby pins in the pool or any metal hair piece. If the
metal hair piece falls out and left in the pool it damages the finish.
10. Bikes, rollerblades, roller skates, scooters and skate boards are not permitted
inside the pool area.


Only authorized persons are allowed in the pool enclosure when the pool is closed.
Any unauthorized use will be treated as a trespass and violators may be subject to
arrest and criminal prosecution.