Meeting Minutes for Unplanned Meeting: June 20, 2015

Dear Homeowners,
Below is a summary of discussions of issues brought up at the Developer update held right before the social, it was not meant to be an official Homeowners Meeting, but many important issues were addressed that we thought we would share with everyone.

Intro of Team – David Waltemath developer and President Bedico HOA, Scott Director of lot sales and Builders and HOA manager (not at meeting). Melissa administrative assistant for sales and management. Pat Lubking and Kelly Waltemath New Home and Re-Sale Specialists. Kelly is Bedico’ s Social director. Charles (Cap) Caplinger Land planner/landscape architect

Development Update – Without question the fastest growing community on the NS
From 109 to 313, and 59 home sites under construction!! 100+ occupied
Vision of ‘A collection of neighborhoods in on conservation community’ and a ‘multi-generational’ community is now a reality.
Neighborhoods from One quarter mil to $1 million+ a home for YOU, YOUR MOM AND DAD, YOUR CHILDREN
Recently completed, Deer Park, Preserve II and Lakeview (and Green Duck Pond Park)
Under construction Heron Point ($500-$1M+) and Heron Lake ($350-$375) Not Lake
Next NatureWalk 50-60 gated garden/villas
ALL have distinct entry and boundaries but have same HOA, Management, Restrictions and Dues

Road Improvements

Growth & Growing Pains – With the tremendous growth we have had, it has taken a toll on our entry road. The design of the fix was the cause of the delay in repairs. The fix will include a drain system located in the medians in order to keep the water from continuing to destroy the base. The work has been authorized and construction will commence as soon as the contractors can get on site. Meanwhile, the HOA will monitor street conditions and fill the potholes to make the roads safe for drivers. Please drive slow. Also discussed was the fact that because of opposition from the Tangipahoa Councilman CC Road can no longer be used for construction traffic; only serves the community as an emergency exit for residents. While the annual dues will be kept the same (for all new incoming owners) a onetime Capital improvement fee (effective date: June 30) of $500 will be charged when they close on the home.

Security Issues

Security – We are asking for all homeowners help, we cannot do it alone, if you see someone causing any damage to community or people that don’t live in this community, we need to start calling 911 and be sure to tell the police that the developer/homeowners Assoc. will press charges. We will be hiring a part time security patrol to serve 4 hour shifts at varying hours and days. This patrol will look for trespassers and speeders.

Speeding – Speeding is always a difficult one to manage, we are telling all builders and contractors that they must slow down often. Residents must set the example! The patrol should help, and we are looking into other solutions as well.

Gate – We are making a couple changes to the gate. The backup access code (1500) is being removed effective in a week or so (a separate notice will come out) . Any resident who wants to have their cell number programmed into the gate directory, in addition to their land line, can do so. This will serve as a backup if you forget your access card or clicker. The call rings to the cell, press 9 to open the gate. The limit is 3 directory entries per household (1 landline, 2 adults cell number).  We stated at the meeting that a traffic arm would be installed to deter tailgating. After further discussion with the service company, we decided to install an anti-tailgating device and shorten the vehicle pass through time, which we are told has been proven in other communities to be more effective than the traffic arm. The device has been ordered and will be installed soon.

Other Issues

Charter – Contract negotiations with Charter Communications were finalized to service all neighborhoods in the community in 2014. At this time, we still do not have a definitive date from Charter on when their service will be available to homes but they continue to tell us “before 12/31/15”, let’s hope they live up to that promise!

Extensive Discussions About ATV’s – No one is following the rules and the HOA gets more complaints caused by resident and trespassing ATV’s than all others combined. Therefore the HOA considered banning them altogether. After further discussion, and with the promise of residents owning ATV’s, it was decided to allow the use for a 90 day trial period. Assuming the rules are followed the residents use of ATV’s could be a benefit to Bedico and could help us rid Bedico of Trespassers. Rules are on the website. Must Register & mount Flags.  3 month trial on getting everyone registered and getting flags on ATV’s and if at the end of the 3 months all rules are followed and no complaints, we will allow the use of ATV’s (until such time as the HOA feels there is not enough area for them).

Golf Carts – Must be a licensed driver!

HOA Communications – It was suggested that one representative from each neighborhood (or two) would be appointed to a committee to help better communications between the residents and the HOA. People were asked to sign up if they were interested in being considered. NOTE: Please email all HOA requests and avoid ‘popping in’ as much as possible. The HOA wants a record of all requests.

Garbage Service – The HOA is working on re-negotiating the contract with Progressive to insure they are competitive with other provider’s price and service. Individuals should NOT sign a contract with any provider. The HOA will select one provider and sign one contract (to be paid by the home owner).


Reserve Pavilion – When renting pavilion, it’s a $200 deposit, with a rule/clean up sheet to be signed in office when you drop off deposit, after inspection if all back in great condition, you will get deposit back.
Bracelets: Looking to get a start on having ONLY Bedico residents at the pool, Melissa is working on this and will send email as soon as we have all information.

Social Events – Any community social events ideas, suggestions contact Kelly Waltemath ( As well as being Bedico’ s Social Director, Kelly has joined the Bedico real estate team to sell new and re-sale homes.

Trash – The builders will be asked to have a dumpster on the construction sites

Future Amenities – No major amenities are planned at this time. It was pointed out that as the community grows (up to 939 homes) and the demand for more amenities is needed that the funds should be there to fund them.

Bridge Damage – The settlement with the insurance is done, the contractor has been turned loose to fix. Est. 30 days to complete.

Fence Staining – Requests have been made to stain fences. The decision was made not to allow (yes the one in the front is stained and has tried to pressure wash it off) because of the lack of uniformity it would cause.

The meeting was ended and the fun began!