St. Tammany Parish Creates Flood Insurance Information Website

Bedico Creek Preserve has enjoyed the benefits of the changed flood maps provided by FEMA at the beginning of 2013. However, not all homeowners in St. Tammany Parish have seen a happy resolution with the distribution of these maps. After many town hall meetings and legislative sessions, Louisiana Congress is in the process of challenging the timeline of the implementation of the Biggert-Waters Act citing a massive and sudden increase in flood insurance for some in southeastern Louisiana.

In order to keep concerned homeowners and home buyers abreast of the latest information about congressional discussions, St. Tammany Parish has launched a new website – – which specifically covers all of the information of the Biggert-Waters Act as well as the steps that senators and congressmen and women are making on behalf of Louisiana citizens. In addition to legislators making strides on behalf of home buyers, local government officials including thirteen parish presidents have also joined in protesting the Act.

In June, the Louisiana House of Representatives approved an amendment which essentially blocks FEMA from implementing the Biggert-Waters Act 2012 law because the current home elevations have been remapped and are now significantly below required flood elevations through no fault of the homeowner. The amendment is designed to give lawmakers more time to gradually implement the plan as well as grandfathering in some homes and insurance plans. The amendment has only been passed in the House and will have to have Senate approval to become law. To that end, Sen. Mary Landrieu introduced a bill late last month which would delay flood insurance premium rates from going up.

Because St. Tammany Parish is one of the local parishes in Southeastern Louisiana which will be highly impacted by government decisions and legislation, the website is designed specifically for home buyers and homeowners and offers updates on reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program, the progress of FEMA digital flood insurance rate maps and links to other resources on the subject. In addition to steps being taken in Louisiana Congress, other states such as New York and New Jersey are also taking steps and creating coalitions against the Bigger-Waters Act. New York and New Jersey were affected by Superstorm Sandy – a type of hundred-year storm – on the Northeast coast and are experiencing negative impacts from the indebted flood insurance system as well.

At Bedico Creek Preserve, our subdivision was positively impacted by the new flood insurance maps, and we can now offer our residents the opportunity to buy a new home in a community which either doesn’t require flood insurance at all or if it is required, the rates were drastically reduced. Contact Bedico Creek today to view our Homes for Sale. Call 985-845-4200 or E-mail

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